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Regulated payments

We are proud to support our customers every day.

PAYSURF accepts the most used regulated payment methods throughout Europe.

PAYSURF goes further by taking into account the purchasing habits of its customers and the business practices of Europe's various countries.
PAYSURF provides detailed data on transactions, whatever the currency.

Payment methods

Payment methods

PAYSURF is affiliated with card and bank transfer schemes, allowing you to collect payments on behalf of third parties in full compliance with schemes rules and regulations; cards schemes: CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, SEPA transfer.


We configure and tailor the MONETICO PAIEMENT payment page – used by more than 18,000 companies – for your business.

We set up the page, the filters, the level of security and the payment methods to ensure the solution is a perfect fit for your customer pathway. Personalisation of the payment page, configuration of payments (immediate, one click and recurring), 3DS authentication and filtering.
The platform manages your multi-merchant collection and distributes the cash flows to each payment account.


Our solution allows you to collect your multi-merchant payments by bank transfer. The solution automatically manages the collection and distribution of transfers and credits to each merchant's payment account. We also manage the payment of your merchant payment orders and the commissions due.