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Why use cookies?

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Giving or refusing consent

When you visit our website, a message will inform you that cookies will be used. It will also inform you that by continuing to browse our website, you are accepting these cookies (you can change this decision at any time by refusing to have cookies installed on your device).

Different types of cookies are used on our website, for different purposes. Some are necessary for you to use our website.

Strictly necessary cookies

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The main 'essential cookies' that we use
Name Function
SessionStart Date/time of start of session.
SessionTimeout Session timeout.

Performance-analysis cookies

Some cookies enable us to find out more about the use and performance of our website and to improve its operation.

The main 'performance-analysis cookies' that we use
Name Function
_ga These cookies come from Google Analytics which is used by this website to monitor site visits. The data obtained relating to the use of the website are transmitted and stored by Google on their servers in the United States. Google uses this information to monitor the use made of the website and generate reports on the activity of the users (pages viewed, type of device, length of visit etc.)
I accept the use of cookies for performance analysis

Lifespan of cookies

All these cookies, except for essential cookies, have a lifespan of less than 13 months.