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Payment methods specialist

Over the past ten years or so, a new economic model has come to the fore in the world of digital commerce: marketplaces.

The current situation

The marketplace model enjoys higher growth than the e-commerce model on a global scale.

In addition, the payment service needs of large companies have changed significantly. In many business sectors such as industry, services, mass retail and franchising, projects have been launched to harmonise payment methods, collect payments on behalf of third parties, and centralise payment flows.

The Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale banking group therefore offers a payment service tailored to this purpose.

To help your projects remain agile and adaptable, we created the PAYSURF payment institution (regulated by the PSD2) to respond to these needs.

This subsidiary company of the group is 51% owned by BFCM and 49% owned by Euro Information, guaranteeing an organisation here for the long term.

The objective is to provide you with a simple, integrated solution that allows you to collect and distribute funds and that covers all of your needs, including regulatory requirements, when it comes to marketplace activity.

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, a specialist in payment methods.

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale's electronic payment positioning

Acquiring payments: a major European player

  • No.1 in France: Market share > 30%
  • No.2 in Europe according to Mastercard (No.5 according to Nilson Report at the end of 2016)
  • No.8 in the world
  • 254,000 merchants use our solutions
  • 2.6 billion transactions processed per year

Payment cards issuing: No.2 in France

  • Market share: 15.5%
  • 906 million transactions processed per year
  • 9 million cards issued per year

E-Business: a key player

  • Market share: around 10% of all Web PSPs in France
  • Over 18,000 websites use our "MONETICO Paiement" payment plateform