How it works

Automate your payment flows and commissions

PAYSURF, an authorised payment institution and subsidiary of a leading european bank, allows your marketplace to offer its merchants payment and collection services on behalf of third parties, regulated by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

PAYSURF handles payment-related regulatory activities, allowing you to focus on developing your business at a european level.

PAYSURF oversees transactions on your marketplace and traces the origin of cash flows from buyer through to seller. The traceability of these steps ensures that the payment process is secure.

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Innovative services that are easy to implement

PAYSURF is aimed at mid-caps and large companies looking to develop
their marketplace in line with industry best practices.

Payment methods

PAYSURF: the 100% secure end-to-end solution for payments to multiple merchants across Europe.

PAYSURF allows marketplaces to benefit from its status as authorised payment institution.

PAYSURF allows you to manage a business requiring payment collection on behalf of third parties in compliance with PSD2 regulation.

PAYSURF supports you in developing your business at a national and European level.

Security of funds

PAYSURF optimises the purchasing process and the customer experience with functionalies, agility and security offered by its service.

PAYSURF is the payment and earnings redistribution solution that allows sellers to manage growing online turnover volumes securely.

PAYSURF carries out checks on new merchants who join the marketplace.

PAYSURF oversees transactions on the marketplace and traces the origin of cash flows from buyer to seller, offering a total control over the payment process.

Payments Management

On a day-to-day basis, PAYSURF is:
An API that interfaces with your IT system, giving you access to features such as:

  • payment hub activation
  • distribution of payments to merchant payment accounts
  • commission management
  • merchant payment orders
  • creation of merchant payment accounts

Plus a dashboard showing:

  • a comprehensive visualisation of your activity
  • each stage of your merchants' life cycles
  • transaction tracking
  • alert notifications
  • centralised and secure collection and redistribution management
  • identification and traceability of payment costs
  • data extraction, allowing you to maintain your IT system and develop an extensive and comprehensive database

Your guarantees

PAYSURF oversees marketplace transactions and traces the origin of cash flows from buyer through seller.

The traceability of the stages provides a total control over the process and allows us to take quick actions when necessary.

PAYSURF is supported by a team of experts within the Group who check the documents of each of your merchants, scanning the databases of PEPs and blacklists updated on a daily basis and using our ID monitoring software. Our processes are monitored by the regulator.

Simplified interfacing

PAYSURF is backed by your e-commerce system and offers you security and fluidity.

PAYSURF allows you to quickly develop your business in new markets and increase your profitability while reducing the risk of fraud.


Solidarity, security, collaboration & social responsibility

A service offered by Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, an established, Europe-wide banking group.

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Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, a key player in e-business.


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Card payment

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